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In every writer’s life there are two stumbling blocks to overcome. On second thought, make them stone walls to surmount: writer’s bloc and writer’s resistance. Writer’s bloc, as I learned from a Robert McKee Story seminar, occurs when you run out of ideas. Writer’s resistance is a lack of dedication to your craft. Lately, I’ve been suffering from both.

“How is that possible?” you may ask. “She’s been posting content consistently all through December.”

Well, I have a confession to make. I’ve been coasting. Yes, that’s right. For my December postings, I’ve mined content already created for my WOW blog tour back in October and November. Regular readers of just “The Chronicles” may not have noticed this, but crossover readers between it and the WOW tour found at least one familiar post.

This strategy gave me a much-need rest, but now I’ve run out of content just as I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing every night. Of course this would happen just when my blog took a significant uptick in readership and e-mail subscriptions – for which I am amazed and incredibly grateful. In fact, all of this new interest, new subscriptions, increase in comments and “likes” has given me a new sense of purpose. I am now accountable to a new and growing invisible group of friends who drop by the Café regularly to catch up on the latest happenings.

Realizing that I might find it tough sledding in December I also promised my readers a chapter (one with a surprise ending) of my second book by the end of December. Many of you have also been kind enough to ask me about a sequel, and both things have motivated me to sit down and write.

I’m happy to report that although it doesn’t quite have the surprise ending I had in mind, I do have a chapter ready for you to read. It’s a Destination Chapter. Those of you who are familiar with the structure of my book Any Color but Beige will recognize that this chapter picks up the story where my first book leaves off. Where we go from here remains a mystery.

I’m superstitious so I decided to post it the first day of 2012 rather than the last day of 2011: a new chapter equals a renewed sense of purpose.

I’d also like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. Whatever your projects are this year, may they bring you the satisfaction and joy of doing something you love.

Back Behind the Computer

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I subscribe to a fantastic site called WOW! – Women on Writing. According to its site, WOW!’s mission is “to support women’s creativity, energy, blood, sweat and tears, throughout all stages of the writing process.”

It’s a great resource for writers and authors covering everything from writing techniques and self-publishing tips to networking with an online community of other writers. Their vision is to create “a favorite watering hole for professionals, the up-and-coming, and the recipients of our labors–the avid readers.”

WOW! Also offers a blog tour to authors as a means of promoting your book to its extensive blogger network. The blog tour includes:

  • 12 – 15 stops on highly trafficked blogs customized to your book
  • An interview on WOW!’s own blog “The Muffin.”
  • An email announcement in WOW!’s Events Newsletters (21,000 subscribers)
  • Excellent Customer Service. My experience this far with Jodi Webb has been amazing.

What follows is a partial schedule for my own blog tour kicking off with my WOW! Interview on “The Muffin”* on November 14.   Stop by today and visit.*  Several of the blogs are running contests you can win a free copy of Any Color but Beige.

*I’m posting this from Munich, somewhat in advance of the post due to time zones,  so it may take a couple of hours for the Post to appear on today’s Muffin.  Overseas reader please check back later today to see it.

Photo: © iStockphoto.com/NRedmond

Date Title Blog
11/15/11 Recreating Yourself http://emptynest1.blogspot.com
11/16/11 Tips for Being a Great Speaker or “Dear God, Please don’t let me sound stupid.” http://blog.juliealindsey.com/
11/17/11 Book Review – nothing required www.misadventureswithandi.com
11/18/11 5 Things You Should Always Have in Your Suitcase www.misadventureswithandi.com
11/23/11 Five Things to See or Do In a New Place http://carolineclemmons.blogspot.com
11/29/11 Pod Cast http://www.momecentric.com
12/2/11 Interview http://jodiwebb.com/
12/6/11 Color Quiz http://cmashlovestoread.blogspot.com
12/7/11 Why We Write http://www.ingasilbergbooks.com
12/8/11 What Color Should Your Writing Room Be http://writerinspired.wordpress.com/
12/9/11 What Color Says About You http://www.krittersramblings.com
12/12/11 Baring Your Soul For a Memoir http://www.fromthetbrpile.blogspot.com
12/14/11 Interview – Laurie To Send Questions http://lauriehere.blogspot.com/
12/16/11 How Travel Can Improve Your Writing http://niinas-reading-and-reviewing.blogspot.com/
TBA Interview http://SellingBooks.com/

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