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Mel, my editor, confessor, and chief blog advisor, emailed me the other day from Vancouver telling me that she was expecting a visit from her sister. She said that they had plans to spend a few days cafégirling.  That newly minted gerund got me wondering … just who is a Café Girl and how does she spend her time?

If the blog stats are to be believed, the steadily increasing popularity of The Café Girl Chronicles tells me that there are a lot of Café Girls (and guys) out there.

Can the essence of a Café Girl be captured in a few words or phrases? Is it a state of mind?  Are some of us born Café Girls or is it a desired status that we strive to attain? (I know the latter is true in my case.)

That’s what I aim to find out over the next couple of weeks with the help of a very talented illustrator and another Café Girl, my friend Helen. And of course, you, dear reader.

To get things started I polled some local Café Girls one night over dinner here in Montreal, and after much discussion we came up with a list of Café Girl personality traits that we all agreed on.  However there was no clear cut, hands down winner.

And so we’d like to hear from you.  Take the Cafe Girl poll – coming soon to a blog near you!

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