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In my book, Any Color but Beige: Living Life in Color,  I finally realize that the picture-perfect life I created for myself was missing something essential – color.    Once I identified what was wrong,  I found happiness by living life in color. Use my little  quiz below to determine if you need to add more color to your life.

Ticket to Happiness

Start by answering “yes” or “no” for each question.

  1. Can you name the last time you felt a rush of happiness?
  2. Do you like to try new things?
  3. Is there at least one person, place or activity you are passionate about?
  4. Do you indulge in that passion often?
  5. Can you laugh at yourself?
  6. Do you have a short bucket list?
  7. Have you done something spontaneous in the last week?
  8. Have you laughed or shared a laugh in the last day?
  9. Do you smile for no reason?
  10. Do you have a curious mind and an open spirit?
  11. Do you make yourself a priority?
  12. Do you know your favorite color and indulge in it?
  13. Do you enjoy your own company?
  14. Do you treat yourself to little (or big) things on occasion?
  15. Do you have one true friend you can turn to in joy or despair?
  16. Do you nurture your spiritual side?
  17. Do you give back, even in just a small way?
  18. Do you live in the moment?
  19. Are you a work in progress, learning and growing with every experience?
  20. Do you have a personal mantra, motto or special book or song that defines you?


For each “yes” response, give yourself five points.  For each “no” response, subtract one point.  Add up the points to reveal your color score.

Color Lost: less than 25 color points
Oops! Looks like you’ve misplaced your color compass. A little Meditation Mauve (from the Any Color but Beige color palettes) would serve you well as a starting point to get back on track. Leonardo da Vinci believed that meditating in a purple light increased effectiveness tenfold.  Hang a purple crystal in your window and bask in its beams.  Now that is a mood swing for the better!

Color Roadblock:  26 – 50 color points
Time for a makeover – just add color.  You are eyeing that box of crayons, poised and ready to choose your signature color.  Who would have thought such a bold, marvelous creature was hiding behind all that sensible beige?  Try adding some Marvelous Darling (from the Any Color But Beige color palettes) with clothing or accessories, to get moving again.

Flying Down the Highway: 51 – 75 color points
You are officially on Adventure Road. If color were a country, you would have a passport! Whether it’s from around the corner or around the world, you collect colorful souvenirs and use them to decorate your inner and outer space.  Seize opportunities to bring colorful pieces of your travels and adventures home. Who says you can’t take it with you?
End of the Rainbow: 76 – 100 color points
Congratulations, you have a rainbow in your pocket! Your life encompasses a full spectrum of color experiences.  Time to take all that Zenergy (from the Any Color but Beige color palettes) and share it with others.  Start a blog, write your memoir or just find time to share colorful experiences with others.  Keep focused on living life in color to continue to reap the benefits.

Photo: © iStockphoto.com/pagadesign

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