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Outta this world…

My first real glimpse of life here in the Big Easy was Saturday night on Bourbon Street. Talk about sensory overload.  It’s a direct frontal assault of the five senses.  From the bling of beads and the flash of breasts to the glare of neon selling everything from sex to cigars, I didn’t know where to look first.  It was a kaleidoscope of color that changed from corner to corner as I made my way along the crowded street rubbing elbows (among other things) with all manner of people from t-shirt wearing tourists to conservatively clad businessmen.

Smells spilled out from the doorways; some were deliciously identifiable while others made my stomach lurch as I hurried past – exhaling all the way. Once inside Bourbon House, I was greeted by spicy scents that made my mouth water in anticipation of a gumbo so tasty there was only one word, newly invented, to describe it: gumbo-licious!

‘Round midnight, I went in search of a nightcap of a more musical nature, passing first one bar then the next.  From the open doorways and windows, a riff or a phrase, would reach out to pull me inside.   “Just two minutes,” I would promise myself – but then two became five minutes, and five became fifteen, before I forced myself to leave and search for my next musical fix.

Overall, the night belonged somewhere in the realm of the sixth sense, an otherworldly event that worked its magic – cast its spell over me. Ah, I thought to myself, so this is witchcraft (or maybe it was voodoo).  After all, it is New Orleans.

photo: © istockphoto.com/ChrisSchmidt

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