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First, let me thank everyone for touching base to make sure that all was well at the Chronicles. I’m happy to say that it is. That, for the past six months, I’ve been taking a small break. I’ve been “unplugged” from everything: book, blog, twitter, FB and, yes, even email.

And. although I may have been invisible, I haven’t been idle. I’ve been working on a screenplay. Here’s a quick peak at the fruits of my labors.

It’s finished by the way — all 95 pages. And if you think writing a book is difficult, it’s nothing compared to writing a screenplay.

The key to a screenplay according to the experts is show, don’t tell. It’s counter-intuitiveImage to everything I’ve ever done as a journalist / writer / author. And now, after having met with my brilliant editor Melva McLean (who is herself a screenwriter), I am working hard on a rewrite. I am exactly where I was four years ago when I started writing Any Color but Beige —at the base of Everest, looking up. Of course if you think of it this way it’s a daunting task. So for now I’m just concentrating on the footpath in front of me. I have one simple goal – to finish the rewrite one scene at a time.

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